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Dr. Bob Bamboo Toothbrush

Dr. Bob Bamboo Toothbrush

SKU: 860002560762

The Dr. Bob Oral Care Bamboo Toothbrush was designed with both the health of teeth and the planet in mind. This biodegradable and sustainable toothbrush is made mostly of bamboo, so it breaks down and returns to the earth after you throw it out. Use Dr. Bob Oral Care Bamboo Toothbrush for healthy teeth and a healthy planet! 


One year supply (4-Pack) 

Assorted Colors (Green, Blue, Pink, Purple)

Child Frendly Size 


    Dr. Bob toothbrushes are made from sustainably sourced bamboo. The bamboo handle and product packaging are biodegradable and compostable once the soft nylon bristles are easily removed.  


    Due to the unique nature of this business and related matters of hygiene and public safety, we cannot allow items to be returned. All sales are final.  

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