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Dr. Bob Oral Care unflavored fluoridated toothpaste was developed by a husband and wife team who Pediatric Dentists and Parents. It was specially designed to meet the demands of picky palates, flavor connoisseurs, and those with taste aversoins or sensitivities. With this toothpaste you get the fluoride you need but without any of the unpleasant taste. Get Healthy Teeth without any flavor!


Naturally sweetened with Xylitol! Made from plants and vegetables, this natural sweetener helps stop the harmful "acid-loving" bacteria that lead to cavities. The natural way to reduce plaque and bacteria! 

Dr. Bob Unflavored Toothpaste

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  • Our toothpaste tubes are produced by one of the world leading manufacturers of biopolymers. These unique tubes are made from renewable and sustainable resources that have a significant reduction in greenhouse gases with their production. Green polyethylene can be recycled through current recycling processes. 

  • Due to the unique nature of this business and related matters of hygiene and public safety, we cannot allow items to be returned. All sales are final.  

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